individualized nutrition coaching


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Individualized Nutrition Coaching 

Are you not seeing the results you desire from your workouts? Do you feel sluggish and tired on a regular basis? Are you exhausted during your workouts?
Your nutrition plays a key role in how you perform in and out of the gym, in daily activities and tasks.  Many people have damaged their metabolism through over-training,  severe calorie restriction or yo-yo dieting.  This program helps “heal” your metabolism and trains your body to burn calories as it was designed.
The client receives individualized nutrition guidance based on their goals and current fitness plans.  This is not a quick fix program, but offers a long-term lifestyle where no food is off limits and personal preferences are considered.  Clients will log their food intake on My Fitness Pal (phone & computer app) prior to their appointments.  Sessions can be broken into thirty-minute sessions after the initial one-hour session.  Free consultation offered prior to starting the program.


1-hour Basic Nutrition Coaching: $35 local Y member  /  $50 non-member
3-hours Individualized Coaching: $95 local Y member  /  $135 non-member
6-hours Individualized Coaching: $185 local Y member  /  $250 non-member
Beth Bolay, CPT, Certified Nutrition Coach
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